So far, I have not written many books because I find it difficult to succeed beside a fulltime job. In recent times, project-based style work helped me to do little things on the side and I hope that more writing oppurtunities come ahead.

You can find a list of my published books here:

2) Der Studium-Leitfaden: Ein Ratgeber für angehende Studenten (The studies guideline: An adviser for prospective students)
This book is a guide for those who want to study. It shows a general overview of the university life from bachelor, master, PhD to the first job. It discusses perspectives of how to pick your first flat, how you finance yourself, how much you can expect to earn later and what you can study in the end. The book was published 2019 in German language.

ISBN 978-1077232815 // Softcover // Website
1) Analyse und Optimierung von fokussierten LiDAR-Systemen für Windkraftanlagen (Analysis and Optimisation of Focused Lidar Systems for Wind Turibines)
PhD Thesis of a optical measurement setup for the predictive control of wind turbines. A systematic analysis of this sensor type is done and examplary measurements are tested. Published end of 2016 in German language.
ISBN 978-3000556845 // PDF for free