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SPIE conference, corona and cost reduction

I have seen that the SPIE Optoelectronics and Optics Conference is again in Prague in 2021. I am planning to go there and use the possibility to meet some of the local and international engineers that I know. I do not have picked a topic yet- have to take some thoughts but at least I am having an aim to fight for :-). See you then and there!

As well, I would like to give my sincerey hopes that the corona epidemic, we are seeing right now, will be over in sooner times. I am glad that so many bright scientist are working for a vaccination and so many doctors are fighting the virus. Keep it up. I have recently seen a paper that suggests that the virus mutated already a bit and there are already two different types of coronaviruses outside.

On the last term_ I have reduced the price of my kindle book to 2,99€ since most people just bought the softcover version. It is rated 4 stars which makes me proud but I see potential for big improvement, as well. I plan for 2021 a revision.

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