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English Valeo Lidar article

this is just to inform that the Lidar article from my other news is now available in English in a shorter version – which most of you will understand better, I guess.

Official news from Valeo about the Lidar technology

Hello together,
it is rare to have the possibility to talk about the developments one contributes to. As a team leader I had strong connections to the industrialisation. Recently there was a reporter team in the factory in Wemding in which we produce Lidars. They have published an article about their impressions (unfortunately just in French).

The factory will be under full load because around the same time Mr. Vrecko announced that Valeo has order intakes for Lidars of around half a billion.

It is good news showing that the technologie I am working on is in the focus and reaching society. I am looking forward to the next years!

New Position as Engineer


I have changed my position from development to advanced development. I updated my CV accordingly.

Free into space

Hello everyone! I have released the website with a bit of content on every page. It is not complete yet but that is something to fit within the next few weeks.

First light

After owning this domain for over 10 years, I deceided to use it finally. Today, I have built up the first structure but am missing still content.

This website shall show my creativity of the last years and be the first spot to inform about new published items. Enjoy!

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