Hello everyone,
it is now mid of Jan 2020 and I would like to update you on some points. First of all, happy new year, if I have not said so. Secondly, I updated the patent section that have officially disclosed from 2018. I can already guarantee two new patents for 2020 but my aim is four – so let’s see what I can make out of it. As usual, I cannot give any information about them until they are revealed 18 months later. So, you have to wait.

On the other hand, I have the following aims for this year:

  1. Marrying my fiance
  2. Go onto a trip to Hawaii for the honeymoon
  3. Finishing my project management certificate
  4. Building up some visibility outside of my company for being an expert on Lidar technology and optical measurement techniques.

Well, we will see how this works out in 2021 but I will carry the internet along this way. 🙂